Housing project in Phu Giao district, Binh Duong

Project details

Area: 70ha

Address: Phu Giao District, Binh Duong Province

Project type: Residential/Urban Area

Project legal: 1/500 plan approval

Population: 10000

Number of floors: ≤ 7 floors

The Housing project in Phu Giao district, Binh Duong province has an area of about 70ha and has been approved by Phu Giao's PC on the 1/500 master plan.

The project includes many functional areas, in which the residential area includes: (1) 3-5-floor semi-detached house area, (2) 2-3-floor remaining semi-detached house area, (3) 2-3-floor duplex villas area, (4) 5-7-floor mixed-use housing area; In addition, there are other functional areas such as commercial service constructions, schools, healthcare, administration, green parks,...

The planning area has a valuable land area of about 68ha with residential land of about 35-50%. Accordingly, the population of the project is forecasted in the Decision on approving project 1/500 plan as over 10.000 people, equivalent to over 3200 apartments.

For more detailed information about the Project (project dossier, transfer price, payment terms,...), please leave your contact in PQLand website.

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